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Physiotherapy always plays a crucial part in pain relief.

Physiotherapy always plays a crucial part in pain relief. Our team of physiotherapists and acupuncturists have the required expertise to help you on the road to recovery. We offer a range of services designed to help treat a variety of conditions.


Whether you are suffering from back injury or severe neck pain or even if you have sustained an injury participating in a sporting event, we can help. From spinal problems to sciatica and trapped nerves, ligament strain and whiplash, our experts can help you recover. Our Clinics, in Beckenham, Greenwich and Medway also offer corporate healthcare programmes for our commercial clients. So, why wait? Get in touch with us.

Paul Timson started Physio Kent in 2009.  He was previously the Head Physiotherapist at Crystal Palace Football Club until leaving in 2009 to work solely in private practice. He previously worked at West Ham United and Gillingham Football Clubs and also has extensive experience in the NHS, private sector hospitals and private practice.

He has worked on many high profile charity and TV projects and has treated a number of big-name individuals from the world of professional sport and TV. He specialises in sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, acupuncture and orthopaedics. Paul is also a trained disability analyst.

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Physiotherapy is an effective, natural way to help you get rid of any pain without side effects.

Corporate Health

We can offer ergonomic assessments, back care programmes, onsite physio clinics and discounted rates for your staff members


Practised since the ancient times of human history, acupuncture is a Chinese healing technique that focuses on the entire body and its overall well-being.

Sports Injuries

If you're part of a sports team or like regular exercise, injuries may be part of your everyday life.   You don't need to suffer when you have our trusted physiotherapists on your side.

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